Exclusive! Chapter Titles Of John Bolton's Upcoming Book!

Chapter Seven:  Mister Pi-Stash-io: Isn't saying that he's partially responsible for the recent death of Mr. Peanut, but isn't exactly denying it either.

Sorry, My Impeachment Testimony Won't Include the Juicy Stuff From My Book, by Smokey the Bear

I’m ready to paint a picture of the inner-workings of the Trump administration for the American people. Speaking of pictures, my book includes over 25 full-color photos. Perhaps one that features Rudy Guliani (in drag for some reason) smoking cigars and recording video birthday cards for the grandmothers of two Ukrainian timber oligarchs? You’ll have to read to find out!

More CLASSIFIED White House Leaked Info From John Bolton's Notepad

'Explain salad', 'Trap Pelosi in a cage', 'Wall made of CHEESE?' And more super secrets revealed on Boltons notepad.