Grandma’s Quick & Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies and Entire Life

One Cup Sugar: In 356 BC, my Grandma, ever the socialite, found herself in the company of Alexander The Great – or as she called him, Alexander The Good Enough – and learned of this incredible new substance he had encountered during one of his campaigns: sugar. According to my Grandma, he told her it was the sweetest thing he’d ever found, to which she responded, “that’s because you hadn’t met me yet.”

CARTOON: Maturing Tastes

And a distaste for many other things. Today's cartoon by Drew Panckeri.

CARTOON: Dusty Duds

It's a classic! Today's cartoon by Dan Misdea.

Doesn’t My Stupid Ass Grandma Know About Inflation?

Despite my Grandma’s success, everlasting legacy, and laundry list of accomplishments, her dumbass has been ignoring the fundamentals of economic inflation and giving me the same $20 dollar check for my birthday since I was six years old. And it’s time she got put on blast for it. 

Rejection Letter from Grams' Jams to Ad Agency For Misunderstanding 'Esoteric' for 'Erotic'

Bryan Champlin CEO, Faust & Furious Ad Agency 1158…