CARTOON: Sound Off

Nap app. Today's cartoon by Lynn Hsu.

Assertiveness Training for Geese

At H.O.N.K., we believe in equality. A bold vision of a future in which all humans are equally terrified of geese. Where geese hold our rightful place at the top of the New Jersey Merrill Lynch corporate headquarters artificial pond food-chain. We are facilitating a 360-degree rebrand on the whole goose and nothing but the goose.

CARTOON: Bird Watching

But who is watching the watchers? Today's cartoon by Dan Misdea.

CARTOON: Bear Your Feelings

What? No, moving in together sounds great. Today's cartoon by Michael Shaw.

CARTOON: Bloomed

Thriving without us. Today's cartoon by Hilary Allison.

What the Hell, Hummingbirds?

Screw that! You’re not special, just because you flap your wings up to 80 times per second and have a heart rate that reaches 1,260 beats per minute. Big whoop! I have a heart too you know, and while it might not beat as fast as yours does, it can still break when its birdwatching needs go unfulfilled.

CARTOON: Happy Earth Day!

Keep it tight! Earth Day cartoon by Bob Eckstein.