The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Jessica Ziegler

This very special episode The Cartoon Pad talks to Jessica Ziegler, the Marketing Director of the CartoonStock and daughter of cartoon great Jack Ziegler. The talk veers away from cartooning to the Pixies, the Beatles and running Michael over in a Volkswagen.

I Am Kristen Roupenian’s Book Advance, and I Know All Your Essays Are About Me

You probably have questions about me. I am, after all, seven-figures big, an unheard-of sum for a relatively unknown writer. What would it be like to have me, you wonder? Is there any hope of my ever being earned out? And now: Should I be shared with Alexis Nowicki, the woman on whom the short story was based?

The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Sam Gross

The Cartoon Pad welcomes cartoon great Sam Gross. Do not listen and operate heavy machinery during this one. Must-hear life lessons from the Great One.

The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Carol Issacs

This week the guys welcome one of England’s finest artists––cartoonist and graphic novelist Carol Issacs. From London, Carol discusses her award-winning multi-media project, The Wolf of Baghdad, performing with Sinead O’Connor and the Indigo Girls. Carol is known throughout the cartoon world as The Surreal McCoy.

CARTOON: Toobin Zoomin

Don't get zoomed! Today's cartoon by Bob Eckstein.

Talkward w/ guests Bob Eckstein, Steve McGinn and Robert Leighton

This very special episode of Talkward welcomes cartoonists Bob Eckstein, Steve McGinn, and Robert Leighton! Full house! They stopped by the studio after going by The New Yorker to submit some cartoons. We discuss the joke writing process, appearances on old game shows, and we dissect the reasons why some of Steve's cartoons got rejected very, very quickly. We also chat about Bob Eckstein's new book, "Everyone's A Critic- The Ultimate Cartoon Book" which is on sale now and you should go buy it right now!

Talkward w/ guest Jason Chatfield

Today on Talkward is cartoonist and stand-up comic Jason Chatfield! Jason is an award winning cartoonist who draws the worldwide daily strip Ginger Meggs, cartoons for The New Yorker and MAD Magazine and also has a popular podcast called Is There Something In This? Follow him @jasonchatfield and his website is

Talkward w/ guest Mia Mercado

This episode of Talkward welcomes humor writer and delightful Midwesterner Mia Mercado! Mia writes regularly for The New Yorker, McSweeney's, The Belladonna and Weekly Humorist. During our chat she reveals an exclusive announcement about her new book deal, her writing process habits - one of which includes being in a cafe, wearing headphones, listening to ambient sounds of...a cafe and more!

Talkward w/ guest Bob Eckstein

Today on Talkward is our first repeat guest, New York Times bestselling author, award winning cartoonist and snowman expert Bob Eckstein! Bob's new book The Illustrated History of the Snowman is out now! We discuss Steampunk's rise in the 1980s, the ongoing holiday decorations feud with his neighbor and making squirrels dance for his pleasure. Oh, and we happen upon the topic of snowman pornography!

Talkward w/ guest Jonathan Zeller

This episode of Talkward welcomes comedy writer and performer…

Talkward w/ guest James Folta

This episode on Talkward is comedy writer, performer and…