Hollywood Memo: I.P. Daily

Star Jaws: An intergalactic space shark threatens the Republic of Planets and a scrappy band of rebels are called in to destroy it.

Ten Sure-Bet Reality Shows Canceled After Initial Approval

Big Mother- Pitch: Cameras installed in the basements of 15 live-at-home male Gen Zers; the mother of the one who moves out first wins $100,000. Reason for cancellation: After six months of filming, the only activities captured on film were eating DoorDash-ed Taco Bell, video gaming, and masturbating to screenshots of Elon Musk.

Survival Guide For Being Shipwrecked In An Episodic TV Series

You’ll likely be lucky enough to get stranded on the only island on Earth that isn’t susceptible to tsunamis, hurricanes, or climate change at large. Your sandy beaches and shanty town made from your wreckage will remain as picturesque as ever. You actually have it better than your friends back home!   


In the doghouse? Today's cartoon by Drew Pankceri.


Limerick and Morty, Danny Boy Meets World, Saved by the Belfast, and more! It's #IrishATvShow on this week's trending joke game!

White Mirror

Dressed-for-yoga MADISON has a higher-tech-looking FitBit-esque device strapped to her wrist. The device’s readout says, "KALE LEVELS LOW" and a robotic voice from it says, "Now teleporting you to Whole Foods." She disappears in a whoosh of self-satisfaction.