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Very Last Minute Election Surprises

Adak, Alaska has the pleasant distinction of being home to the last polling place to close in the United States, thereby becoming the official resting place of this unholy shambling corpse of a campaign season. But judging by the sheer volume of October surprises – Access Hollywood tapes! FBI meddling! Ken Bone! – anything can […]


Foto Bomb: Trumpenstein!

Paul Ryan said he’ll no longer defend Trump. Dr. Frankenstein must have been pretty tired of defending his monster too .


Overly Specific Rejected Facebook Emojis

Coked Up   “Check out my new dental work”   Super constipated     “Your period is HOW late?”     Clarence Thomas     Lady Gaga’s downstairs neighbor     Upset about Asian stereotypes during the Oscars     Mesmerized by Trump’s hair wafting in the wind     Definitely not a deranged psycho […]