Most Likely Places to Find Pipes Mistakenly Left Behind by Bertrand Russell

Most Likely Places to Find Pipes Mistakenly Left Behind by Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Russell, famous British philosopher, historian, writer, and political activist, was also a world-famous pipe smoker. Just as notorious for his anti-World War I stance as for misplacing his pipe, history books suggest Russell lost between 2,000 to 3,000 pipes throughout his life before his passing in 1970. If you’re looking to claim a historic memento, here are some places you might find one of Russell’s legendary pipes!

Dodger Stadium – Section 44, Row C

As a die-hard Dodgers fan, Russell would spend most of his time later in life smoking and watching his boys in blue in person. Check under the seats near the center of row C, or possibly tucked under the armrests, and you might wind up with a terrific ballpark souvenir.

P.S. Keep an eye out for Russell’s 1950 Nobel Prize in Literature! The British government has been looking for it ever since it was lost in the Dodger Stadium parking lot during a drunken brawl following the Dodgers’ 1963 World Series victory. (The good news: Russell won!)


Tucked Into One of the Tracks in the Great Wall of China

During his travels in China in 1910s and 1920s, Russell would often walk the length of the Great Wall whilst browsing Tinder and puffing on a bamboo and rhino horn pipes. It was these late-night jaunts that Russell would later refer to as his “quest to explore the orient…als”, and they were reportedly quite successful! During his long Tinder conversations Russell would often “set and forget” his pipe in cracks in the wall.

Under a Seat on the London Eye Ferris Wheel

Even though it opened 30 years after his death, Bertrand Russell was a long-time fan of the enormous London Eye Ferris Wheel. Since his trips on the Wheel were made in the afterlife, this is a great chance to locate one of Russell’s infamous ghost pipes! Reportedly, Russell has difficulty keeping his pipes after his death due to a lack of pockets in his non-corporeal form.

These are just a handful of the locations you might find one of Bertrand Russell’s pipes! Stop by next time and we’ll show you where you can try and find one of Karl Marx’s lost monocles!