Welcome to Mom’s Night at the Swanky Swill

It’s our annual Mom’s Night Out here at the Swanky Swill, and have we got a treat for all you fecund females. Surprise! Our mixologist, Klock, has been eavesdropping on your Mommy and Me therapy sessions —I mean classes— for weeks in order to get some real life inspiration for tonight’s libations menu. (Did you really believe that the mustachioed guy at the back of the community center in the jumpsuit and vintage ascot was the janitor? Ha!


Hex on the Beach, Sin & Tonic, Piña Ghoulada, and more #HellishCocktails on this week's trending joke game!


Madhattan, Snidecar, Champagne In The Ass, and more #CrankyCocktails on this week's trending joke game!

Trump’s Favorite COVID Cocktails & Disinfectant Delights

Mai-Tide: Chill 4 Tide pods in a freezer overnight.  Place chilled pods into a glass, then puncture each pod.  Pour Mai Tai contents over pods.


Sex On A Feast, Thanks gining, Vodka Giblet and more #ThanksgivingACocktail on this week's joke game!