Literary Classics Reimagined for Flu Season by My Inner Sophomore

Moby-Drip, The Scratcher in the Eye, Breakfast at Sniffany’s, And more!


Nippies, 3 Frosketeers, Mike & Ice, and more #ColdCandy on this week's trending joke game!

3 Restaurant Concepts Built to Last Through the Winter of Covid-19

1. SNØRDNØRT: Inspired by Norwegian cuisine and culture, this outdoor-only dining destination welcomes the winter. “Of course it’s going to be cold outside. And dark.” SNØRDNØRT also employs a paramedic on-site, to tell you when you have legit developed frostbite and need to leave.


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Two Brrrrroke Girls, Freeze Company, Parkas and Recreation and more #ColdSitcoms on this week's joke game!

CARTOON: National State of Emergency

Frozen Putz. Today's cartoon by Ali Solomon.