The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Ron Marz

This episode of The Cartoon Pad we chat with comic book writing icon Ron Marz! He's truly a master of comic multi-universes, well known for his work on Silver Surfer and Green Lantern, as well as the Marvel vs DC crossover and Batman/Aliens.

CARTOON: Spider-man Abroad

Need to get away? Today's cartoon by Kit Lively and David DeGrand!

A Class-Action Lawsuit Against Wayne Enterprises

Pursuant to Gotham City legal statutes, you are hereby given notice that my clients, your former employees, intend to commence a class-action lawsuit against Wayne Enterprises and its subsidiaries to demand change to the abusive working conditions at Wayne Tech Fulfillment Centers. Many are scared to take bathroom breaks as your employee handbook frequently states “CRIME DOESN’T TAKE A BREAK!”

Seeking Entry Level Sidekick For Prominent Superhero

Qualifications: Able to handle quippy dialogue. Tragic backstory. Skilled with using Quickbooks Pro.