Errands I'm Going to Run While I Wait for My Covid Test Results

On my way back from the gym, I’ll quickly pop into the grocery store, butcher, fish shop, bakery, a nail salon, and a real estate office to see about taking some apartment tours in the next few days. Rent prices are actually pretty good right now for some reason, so I’m going to set up 7-9 tours for the next few days. Want to get them done in case I actually do have Covid, haha (unlikely, I’ve been so careful, especially when I was in Mexico).

CARTOON: White House Gift Shop

Great new gifts in the White House shop! The are infectious! Today's cartoon by Jason Chatfield and Scott Dooley.

New Shows for the Fall Season

Everyone Loves Working From Home, Juicing With the Stars, and more!

CARTOON: Business Boom

A sign of the times. Today's cartoon by Joe Wos.

Elon Musk Brainstorms More Ways to Help During the Pandemic

It’s an outrage that healthcare providers don’t have access to critical medical supplies, like masks with Bluetooth capability. Docs are treating sick people every day, but what about sick beats? See if we can spin up a model that can RickRoll patients when things get too heavy.

CARTOON: Sanitized

And repeat, and repeat, and repeat...Today's cartoon by Andy Cowan and Dan McConnell.