Millennials Are Doing Fine Which is Why We Are Tweeting Cries For Help at Sesame Street Characters

So yeah, we are all doing really well.  What is less indicative of trauma than collectively regressing to an almost childlike state to desperately seek solace in that which comforted us in our youth? As for me personally, I'll be even better as soon as Bert and Ernie answer the 117 posts I’ve made since yesterday begging them to adopt me as an adult...

Can You Tell Me How to Get, How to Get Away From Cancelled Street? Sesame Street Characters Apology Tour

Pyramid schemes, missing underpants, Fraggle centipedes, and a big nest on Epstein's island, put these well loved Muppets in hot water.

CARTOON: Bird Word

Elmo loves Fear Factor. Today's cartoon by Nathan Cooper.