Fight Or Flight Or Flex

You’re walking along and you see a house engulfed in flames. Fight: You immediately run into the house and rescue the family trapped inside. Flight: You get out of the way, giving firefighters space to rescue the family trapped inside. Flex: You rip your shirt off and flex really hard at the house fire with the family trapped inside.

I Must Regretfully Decline Your Invitation to Beef

My enemies list is highly exclusive and that membership has been closed since you were an ill-considered gleam in your whiskey-addled father’s eye.

Witnesses Describe A Dueling Piano Bar Performance That Ended In Bloodshed

Agnes, 72 -- “He crawled on top of the piano trying to be sexy while holding back tears. The guy dressed as Pinocchio started singing and playing a made up song called “Piano-cchio Man” by pecking each key with his long nose. It was a clever play on words but a really long way to go for it.

Why is Everything in Our Fight Scene so Easily Breakable?

I wanted to ask how everyone keeps finding knives to throw? I did the inventory a few days ago, and we definitely didn’t have this many knives. We had some knives, don’t get me wrong, but we’ve been throwing, like, a lot of knives.