CARTOON: Hanging Out

Cute Cuticles! Today's cartoon by Lynn Hsu.

Bartha Steward Shiving

Time Off For Gouda Behavior, Adding A Splash Of Fall Medley To Your Gang's Colors, and more in this issue of Bartha Steward Shiving.

Paul Manafort’s White-Collar Prison Blues

I’m going to white-collar prison, / And my gout’s worse than it’s ever been./ Why does this have to happen/ To a man with the color of my skin?

Forever 21 to Life and 8 Other Wedding Registries For People Marrying Their ‘In The Pen Pal’

So, your female bestie’s ‘In The Pen Pal’ beau has proposed…

Anthony Weiner's First Day Of Prison Mistakes

Asking to see the "toilet wine list". Handing out…