CARTOON: Spacey Housing Market

That shack on Mars looks like a gift. Today's cartoon by Frega DiPerri.

New Listing: Dead Body Will be Removed with All Waived Inspections

Current owners have enjoyed this property while feeding stray cats for 20 years and do not know the age of roof.

CARTOON: Unreal Estate

Look out for the wave of new buyers. Today's cartoon by Ali Solomon.

Your Brooklyn Dream Home, Now for Just 100k!

Look no further for your dream home! Located in a Cobble Hill Gristedes dumpster, this 1 sq. ft. hell hole is yours for just $1,038, plus $99k property tax. You’ll save on groceries because every night at 11:03 rotten tomatoes will be dumped right into your kitchen (and bedroom, living room, and also bathroom). Bring a positive attitude and hazmat suit.

Right Now Is the Best Time to Buy a Home

Okay, okay, maybe back in 2008 prices did technically go the “opposite of up.” Let me amend the cardinal rule of real estate: Housing prices will always go up, starting right now.