CARTOON: Shark Beak

Begins with a fin! Today's cartoon by Catherine Martha Holmes.

CARTOON: Shark Carry-Out

Polite Predators. Today's cartoon by Ali Solomon.

Other Channels Answer to Shark Week

Tough to compete with Shark Week, but channels have to try! Illustrated list by Bob Eckstein.

We Sharks are Officially Opting Out of Shark Week 2020

The Great White, Bull, and Hammerhead Sharks were among the first to opt out of this year’s Shark Week. The Megaladon has insisted that they’re still comfortable in their 3.6 million year retirement and will not return to help out The Discovery Channel and we support their decision. Minor League Shark Week, which consists solely of Whale Shark programming, has been outright cancelled.

The Calm App Presents: Shark Week

Why Shark Week? We’ve long admired these powerful predators, which, through centuries of optimization and mindfulness, have evolved into single-minded masses of sinew and cartilage with one goal: to destroy. In this way, sharks exemplify the Calm manifesto. Also, as the alpha predator of the sea with near-nothing to worry about, what’s calmer than a shark?

CARTOON: Slow Week

Lazy days of shark week. Today's cartoon by Bob Eckstein.

Handy-Dandy Tips On Staying Safe From Shark Attacks

While swimming, find a shark and wrestle it to submission.  …