Christmas Song Lyrics that Go Hard to Sell You a New or Preowned Vehicle

“We need a little Christmas right this very minute,” and you need a rebuilt aftermarket Hyundai Sonata in your driveway ASAP. A giant red velvet bow will cover most of the hail damage. (Bow sold separately.)

Jolene Sings “Vaccine” to the Tune of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” to Dolly Parton Herself!

I'm begging Dolly for just one inoculation / Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine / I’m sorry I used your man for copulation

The Son From ‘Cats in The Cradle’ Would Like To Correct The Narrative

“My child arrived just the other day/He came to the world in the usual way” ~ Actually, my birth story’s quite harrowing. Dad, like most mid-twentieth century men, wasn’t even in the room. Mom was in labor for fifteen brutal hours. Far from “usual,” I’d say. 


We’re asked to shelter in place,/ And “No more touching your face!”,/ But some just refuse,/ Shouting “Fake news!”,/ And embarrassing the human race.


I'm Hooked On A Riesling, Every Rosé Has it's Thorn. Into The Grape Wide Open, and more #WineASong on this week's joke game!

CARTOON: Deck The Halls

Cartoon by Pat Byrnes.

Deepak Chopra's Greatest Hits (feat. Justin Bieber)

Proof that by adding “Baby, baby, baby, oh" to a Deepak Chopra…

8 Taylor Swift Lyrics That Are Also Grounds For a Restraining Order

Just have Taylor Swift add “Your Honor” to these lyrics in…