Best of 2020


We’re asked to shelter in place,
And “No more touching your face!”,
But some just refuse,
Shouting “Fake news!”,
And embarrassing the human race.

We say it’s not political.
So I hate to be hypocritical,
But Trump is so inept,
I prayed as I wept,
He’ll “disappear, just like a miracle”.

We shouldn’t have to ask it,
But when you cough please mask it.
An uncovered sneeze,
Can spread the disease,
Putting your friends in a casket.

It can leave you feeling depressed,
The difficulty in getting a test.
Unable to feel shame,
Our leaders shift blame,
Leaving us to figure out the rest.

It’s important to stand six feet apart,
But people just aren’t that smart.
They keep crowding together,
Especially in nice weather,
Or if there’s a sale at Wal-Mart.