2023 Spelling Bee Word or Weight Loss Pill

Xentermine, Probouleutic, OxiPHEX, and more!

Quiz: 2022 Wimbledon Finalist or Scripps Spelling Bee Word

Micawber, Rybakina, Kyrgios, Sirtaki, some are names, some are words, but they all are impossibly hard to spell.

Spelling Bee Or STD

This year’s Scripps National Spelling Bee ended in a lightning round spell off. The words were tough, but not as tough as a positive STD test at a clinic.  Would you know the difference? Here’s a quiz to find out!

CARTOON: Spelling Bee Spell

Can you use it in a sentence? Today's cartoon by Bob Eckstein.

Be Careful Out There Quiz: 2019 Spelling Bee Winning Word Or STD

Auslaut, Chlamedia, Diguillette and more Spelling Bee Word or STD.

Quiz: National Spelling Bee Winner or National Spelling Bee Winning Word

Nanatuk Venkatachalam Nandipati Appoggiatura Feldenkrai Buddiga Tidmarsh Succedaneum Demarche Sujoe National…