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James Bond Meets QAnon

QAnon- Now, now, Mr. Bond.... this item is quite ingenious! When you place it upon your head, you're instantly able to read the mind of anyone in your surrounding area! Just imagine being able to see into the deepest, darkest corners of your enemy's psyche! And then to post about it online, where everyone can see!

Dr. Maybe, I’m Not Sure And The 8 Other Least Confident Bond Villains

Aluminum Finger, Gums, Oddparttimejob, and more!

The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Nick Downes

This week the guys celebrate the launch of the Cartoon Pad with one of the best gag cartoonists of our generation, Nick Downes. Nick discusses his work process and shares a couple of war stories from being a ghost writer for Charles Addams to his years at National Lampoon to creating the most iconic cartoons of the past twenty years.

FICTION: Ivanka Run: Chapter 1- Greetings from Crimea

After years on the lam, world-class criminal mastermind Ivanka Trump must come out of hiding to find her long-lost husband.

We’re Updating Our Privacy Policy to Allow Us to Watch You in the Shower

Whew, this is a long email. I bet it’s worn you out! Time for a relaxing shower to get the kinks out of those knotted-up back muscles. Which reminds us—you might want to get that mole on your shoulder blade checked out, the edges are a little irregular. And hey, you don’t need to shave everything.