Mission Impossible Movie or Improv Troupe?

It’s not clear if or how anyone’s getting paid. It’s a lot of white guys and one woman. The group believes what they are doing is saving the world. And more!

Talkward w/ guest Sean Conroy

This episode of Talkward comedy writer, teacher, actor, UCB improv, standup comedy performer and all around nice person Sean Conroy chats about his comedy career in stage, TV and podcasting. From networks like Adult Swim,Comedy Central, Seeso, MTV, Spike TV, UPN, NBC and ABC. He was Head Writer and Executive Producer on the amazingly funny shows Mr. Pickles and Gentlemen Lobsters. Listen to his weekly podcast The Long Shot. Visit

Anatomy of a Sketch: Derrick Comedy’s “Thomas Jefferson”

In the mid-2000s, when college sketch group videos were suddenly all over the place, Derrick Comedy easily made the best ones. Derrick was a five-person operation originally out of New York University best known for their 2009 cult classic feature Mystery Team, but they also made “Thomas Jefferson,” which is, fun fact, the greatest comedy sketch of all time. Really. 

Inadvertent Straight Pride Parades

A Wharton Alumni Reunion, A Zac Brown Band tailgate, A UCB sketch comedy team and more!

Talkward w/ guest David Martin

Today on Talkward is comedy storytelling host and performer…