Mission Impossible Movie or Improv Troupe?

1.The key players are a small motley crew.

2. The team is not technically employed by any particular entity.

3. It’s not clear if or how anyone’s getting paid.

4. The group is willing to do a bunch of crazy hijinks.

5. One guy in particular likes to show off all the stunts he can do himself.

6. Another guy always cracks jokes during tense scenes.

7. There’s an excessive amount of masquerading as different characters.

8. The people involved consider their work a “craft.”

9. It’s a lot of white guys and one woman.

10. The woman always has to play a love interest.

11. The group believes what they are doing is saving the world.

12. It’s full of drama and a lot of blow-ups.

13. Each production is different, but somehow you feel like if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ‘em all.



1-13 Mission Impossible Movie

1-13 Improv Troupe