The Defunct Corporations Support Club Welcomes Quibi

Agenda: Welcome Quibi to the group! We really are impressed that you became a member in record time. You beat the record that MoviePass set in 2018!

Welcome to The Lure, A New Coworking Space For Women Who Are Sea Hags

Apply Now: Fill out your application and chart a new course for your life! And while you're here, chart the course of that Caribbean cruise you've been dreaming about. The doomed won't feast upon themselves, ladies!

I Backpacked Across The Globe And Found Paradise And It Is The Open Office

There’s a thrill an office provides that’s unlike any experience available on the road. Chatting about weather with Marge from accounting is really no different than eavesdropping in a Paris cafe.

Would You Like To Work At Our Start Up?

Hello, Trailblazer! Are you a passionate, driven individual…