At The Fantasy Island Frozen Yogurt Stand

A customer approaches. He brims with barely contained enthusiasm. Mr. Rourke and Tattoo both display pleasant smiles and confident posture.

Mr. Rourke: Hello, and welcome to the Fantasy Island Frozen Yogurt Experience. How may we facilitate your yogurt fantasies today?

Customer: Hmmm… so many choices! What do you recommend?

Mr. Rourke: Here at The Fantasy Island Frozen Yogurt Experience, we are strictly prohibited from interfering in the choices made by our customers. We are able to assist in accommodating these fantasies alone. Nothing more.

Customer: Oh, okay. That’s kind of weird. Um… let’s see…

Tattoo: The pl….

Mr. Rourke: Tattoo! Tattoo, you don’t… you don’t do it! We’ve had this talk countless times.

Tattoo: The pl…

Mr. Rourke-: Tattoo, dammit! Please. I beg of you.

Tattoo: The plum, I was going to say!

Mr. Rourke: Oh, thank God.

Customer: Eh, plum is probably a bit too exotic for me. How about the plain?