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Who Really Solves a Majority of Murders?

Mystery novelists (both big city and small town), Single women who recently inherited a business from a dead Aunt (most likely a bakery),  Sassy New Jersey bounty hunters, and more!


Possible Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee Spinoffs

Writers in Winnebagos drinking wine Veterinarians on Vespas eating Valium Farmers in Fiats feeding fawns fruitloops Sheetmetal salesman on stilts shoveling snow Union leaders with unibrows and unitards on unicycles eating Uni Tanned Taxidermists in Taxis getting tribal tattoos Archers on airplanes admiring award-winning Adam’s apples Teenage translators on terrifying trebuchets teaching trigonometry Spanish school […]


New Career Suggestions For My Freeloading, Annoying, Worthless Coworkers

Acting They certainly have the practice of pretending to be working or like that one time when Tracy burst into tears claiming her mother had been “so sick” that Tracy had fallen behind in her work even though her facebook posts from Coachella didn’t mention a sick mom. She could earn an Oscar in no […]