Who Really Solves a Majority of Murders?

Retired detective who can’t rest until they solved those cold cases that have haunted them

FBI/ CSI / NCIS/ JAG team made up of people that were lovers, are lovers or hope to be lovers soon

Little old ladies who know the dark side of human nature

Private investigator whose client has mysteriously gone missing

The prime suspect who is determined to clear their name all by themselves

A Belgium detective that is just trying to enjoy his vacation

Journalists who thinks there is more to this story than the boss assumes


Nosey neighbor with a great pair of binoculars (broken leg is not required but helpful)

Retirees with salt and pepper mustaches and two Siamese cats

Mystery novelists (both big city and small town)

Single women who recently inherited a business from a dead Aunt (most likely a bakery)

Sassy New Jersey bounty hunters

The wife of a police officer who can’t stop meddling

The framed spouse of the murder victim (Either before the trial or after escaping jail to find a one armed man)

Swedish hackers