The Grammys Drinking Game

To play, tune in to The Grammys on CBS at 8pm and simply take a drink every time…

Beyonce’s twins somehow win an award for something.

Rihanna flinches while being handed a Grammy.

Someone at your party mutters “What the fuck…” when Sia comes onscreen.

Adele has to be reminded of the “Everyone should get a chance to go through the buffet once, before seconds are allowed” rule.

Justin Beiber attempts to use the items on his table to construct a simple but functioning meth lab.

Host James Corden has to make a comment in the form of a “joke” to remind people of who his is, and why he’s there.

Someone at your party mistakes an introduction of the band Weezer for a description of James Corden attempting to huff and puff his way back to his place onstage

Someone at your party proclaims “Willie Nelson! Thank God, someone I recognize!”.

All of the chain-smokers in the audience step outside whenever the band The Chainsmokers perform onstage.

Someone in the audience screams out in terror, having just mistaken Iggy Pop for the reanimated corpse of David Bowie.

Security is forced to disable the smoke alarms near the tables of Willie Nelson and Snoop Dog.

A very drunk James Corden clumsily attempts to grope Ariana Grande onstage as the closing credits roll.