CARTOON: Gulping Gills

Parched Perch. Today's cartoon by Vaughan Tomlinson.

CARTOON: Bulls Blood

The red wine was a mistake. Today's cartoon by Vaughan Tomlinson,

I Must Regretfully Decline Your Invitation to Beef

My enemies list is highly exclusive and that membership has been closed since you were an ill-considered gleam in your whiskey-addled father’s eye.


Howling Happy Hour. Today's cartoon by Mat Barton & Adam Cooper.

Cecil Agnew – The Father Of Modern Mixology

He muddled herbs and strychnine with his father’s wooden leg. He zested citrus using his grocer’s hook hand. He strained cocktails with his grandfather’s dentures. When germs were discovered in 1875, he scrapped the use of prosthetics in favor of traditional metal barware. Ever the environmentalist, Cecil chose to use logs of cured meat as swizzle sticks and lead nuggets as whiskey stones.

CARTOON: Cold Shoulder

Snowcone? Today's cartoon by Bob Eckstein.

CARTOON: Release

Good to finally get out. Today's cartoon by Jason Chatfield and Ed Steckley.

I Believe I’ve Mistaken This Coat Check for a Goat Check

You’re going to call security? How. Dare. You. You didn’t hear it from me, but Tiny has problems with authority and will start head-butting everyone within a ten foot radius if he gets nervous. Can I straight up bribe you to watch my goats? All I have on me are goat pellets, but I’m sure the bank across the street knows the exchange rate. 

CARTOON: Mistakes

He makes a good point. Today's cartoon by Brian Hawes and Seth Roberts.

CARTOON: Bottoms Up

Vote to save our livers! Today's cartoon by Peter Kuper.

A Happy-Hour Cocktail Menu Sponsored by Your Company Benefit Cuts

Maternity Leave?? Sure…...ley Temple: Most of our staff doesn’t need to order this drink, due to strategic hiring choices, but if you’re thinking you might one day want to enjoy this delightful combination of lemon-lime soda, grenadine and a mouthful of maraschino cherries, let us know.

CARTOON: Monetary Pains

When passing go passes you by. Today's cartoon by Steve McGinn.

Rejected Happy Hour Specialty Cocktails

Flint Still Doesn’t Have Clean Water -arita (@MattHarbert) Dark…

First-Date Customer Satisfaction Survey

Congratulations! You’ve been selected to participate in a…