Rejected Happy Hour Specialty Cocktails

Flint Still Doesn’t Have Clean Water -arita (@MattHarbert)

Dark and Stormy Daniels (@JakeEllenbogen)

Gin Jong Un (@colinob)

Just The Rocks

Consensual Sex On The Beach

Staten Island Iced T

Rum, Forrest, Rum

Bacardi B

The Cheapskate

White Power Russian

This is an Intervention

Harvey Weinbanger

#MeToo on the Beach

The Opioid Crisistini

The Milky Marg

The Pump and Dump

Gin and Platonic

Moscow Mueller

Work Relationship on the Rocks

Gimlet’s just be friends

Peeping Tom Collins

Tom Arnold Palmer

The Late 70s Manhattan

The ethnically ambiguous Russian

Tom Stalin’s

Whiskey Sour Milk

Flathead screwdriver

Two Girls One Cup

Tequila Mockingbird

White Russian Collusion

Irish Stereotype

You Know Weed Is Practically Legal Now, Right?-tini

Salty Dog, The Bounty Hunter

Lime Ricky Bobby

Old Fashioned Attitude Towards Racial Relations