Situations When Breakfast Cereals Other than Life Flash Before Your Eyes

Total — You’ve taken your girlfriend shopping, and after she’s brought everything up to the register, you see the amount you’ll be paying


Boobberry, Vice Krispies, Lusty Charms, and more #SinfulCereals on this week's trending joke game!

Snap, Crackle, Pop, Slurp: An Oral History

SNAP: All was going well. Kellogg’s was happy. CRACKLE: But Slurp was really hitting the milk hard. It started with Skim, but he was on Whole benders soon enough.

Cereal Prizes for Adults

Windshield wiper, A 15 min nap, A millennial slang decoder ring and more!

11 Cereal Brands, Ranked by How Much They Could Also Be Cults

11. Trader Joe’s 10. America’s Choice 9. General…