Cereal Prizes for Adults

An actually good pair of tweezers @chrisforfree

Coupon for more cereal @chrisforfree

Health insurance @deadfrog

That really good kind of pen you like @martydundics

Smelling salts @DavidMcGlofflin

Cracker Jack flavored condom @BoazDror

Fiber @AdamPasulka

The name of a good accountant. @AdamSacks

Reading glasses @amieroewastaken

An Otterbox phone case @amieroewastaken

Student loan forgiveness @leighcesiro

Thermostat @DavidMcGlofflin

A toy you can choke on but it melts in your mouth since you live alone @strangevista

A Hall Pass @GregCartin

A time machine @GregCartin

That missing sock @AdamPasulka

Summer Friday @AdamPasulka

Loose tea @AdamPasulka

A 15 min nap @AdamPasulka

An ultrasound you can post on social media @amieroewastaken

Sensible shoes with arch support @amieroewastaken

Stock @amieroewastaken

A skin care regimen @amieroewastaken

A voucher to go get something waxed @amieroewastaken

An explanation of what exactly TikTok is. @AdamSacks

A scratch off ticket @amieroewastaken

A therapy gift certificate @amieroewastaken

A nice foot soak @amieroewastaken

Extra pacifier @amygcb

Noise canceling headphones @amygcb

CVS receipt @amygcb

“I’m wearing pants today” medal @amygcb

A tube of arthritis cream @DanMullenComedy

A millennial slang decoder ring @DanMullenComedy

Windshield wiper @amieroewastaken

A garage door opener @amieroewastaken

Wedding decoder ring @gmulz

klonopin @ali_sivi