A clown has a handful! Switching to squirt! Today's cartoon by Steve Daugherty.

Helpful Money Making Tips For Getting America Out Of Debt

Fees for vaccinations that contain an added boost of Cialis. Make Trump pay his fines to the IRS. And more!

Tips on How Newly Transformed Chinese American Mike Huckabee Can Assimilate Into Asian American Society

Accept your new reality. It does not matter how you got here – whether it was a Sailor Moon transformation sequence or more of a Power Rangers assemble situation – you’re now 100% authentic grade A Chinese-American. That’s what matters.

CARTOON: TrumpCrow

Repel and replace. Today's cartoon by Ivan Ehlers.

Products Affected By China's New Tariffs

Lizard-Innard Flavored Twizzlers George Foreman's At-Home…

Trump's Super Grand Asian Trip Itinerary

Nov 5: Spend half an hour explaining to the Asian press that…