CARTOON: Melody Crossing

Step to the Beat. Today's cartoon by Amanda Chung and Vincent Coca.

Enjoy Your Weekly Humorist Article, Hartford

Hartford’s area codes are 860 and 959: Whenever someone talks about “life in the 860 or 959,” if that’s something they do, maybe that’s what they’re talking about. I’m not sure what slang terms Hartford folk use to discuss their city.

CARTOON: Showdown

The pictures on the app looked bigger, and no closets? Today's cartoon by Vaughan Tomlinson.

CARTOON: Seasonal

What a relief! Today's cartoon by Peter Kuper.

CARTOON: Missing Something?

Missing something? Today's cartoon by Bob Eckstein.

Six Times People Seemed to Be Leaving Their Tables at the Crowded Coffee Shop, But Were Not

11:00 a.m. A woman put on her Montreal Expos jacket, but she was just cold. On the bright side, neat jacket.

CARTOON: Rocked City

Rocked City. Today's cartoon by Mat Barton and Adam Cooper.

Valentine's for Your Roommate

Valentine, you still owe me for your share of the utilities for December & Thanks for being a quiet masturbator, Valentine. And more!

CARTOON: Country Trees Visit The City

It's not worse, it's just different. Today's cartoon by David Ostow.