CARTOON: Comedic Kicks

Big Shoes, Big Laughs. Today's cartoon by Isaiah Legette.

Geoffrey’s Sad Clown Rental

These clowns are medicated right up to their blue-tear painted eyeballs and straight through their red noses (some of them snort depression cocaine). You name it, these clowns have been prescribed it. Zoloft, Prozac, low-doses of Morphine. The FDA has recently approved a new and very special niche medication, Klownopin.

CARTOON: Car Shopping

Wait til you see the trunk! Honk. Honk. Today's cartoon by Drew Panckeri.

The Tri-State Area’s Lowest-Rated Birthday Party Clowns

The Clown That Ran Over Your Dog While He Was Parking, and Diabeeto: The Clown That Needs to Give Himself a Shot Real Quick. Smile!


It’s is difficult to remember the small events that preceded…