Sex With Me, Sponsored By Brooklinen

Wow, that was great! You know what they say about seven minutes in heaven: you can do it in four. Let me just throw this condom away. And speaking of away, Away Luggage is quickly becoming the most trusted suitcase brand from young professionals on the go. Not saying you have to go! You can totally stay the night if you want.

CARTOON: Dessert Defense

Don't care to share? Today's cartoon by Rose Anne Prevec.


Throuple Trouble. Today's cartoon by Thomas Wykes.

CARTOON: New Year's Steve

Your dream date has arrived. Today's cartoon by Rich Sparks.

CARTOON: Blind Date

Well don't bug out. Today's cartoon by Vaughan Tomlinson.

CARTOON: Lost & Found

Maybe an early red flag. Today's cartoon by Thomas Wykes.

Swipe Left Club

Not everybody gets swiped right on dating APPs. Some people get swiped left. Chalk it up to a bad haircut, a sick fetish, or a prison record, but some people just have that certain je ne sais quoi that can only be found in books, though not bestsellers. Excerpted from a new illustrated series by J.C. Duffy.


I can also Batsplain to you about BatCoin! Today's cartoon by Shannon Wheeler.

CARTOON: Cold Shoulder

Snowcone? Today's cartoon by Bob Eckstein.

CARTOON: Puzzle Love

Puzzling Love. Today's cartoon by Grayson Gibbs.

CARTOON: Trump Valentine

Are you tired? Because you've been Russian around my head all day. Today's cartoon by Bob Eckstein.

Transcript: On a Date with an NPR Host

Phil: Tonight’s date will be in four parts: Act I: Pleasantries: Shallow, nonaggressive compliments, observations about the restaurant’s rustic decor; Act II: Dinner and the Exchange of Personal Anecdotes: I’ll tell my story about that time I saw John Travolta at the post office; Act III: Foreplay: Are ears an erogenous zone? We’ll explore each other’s bodies and find out; and, finally, Act IV: Lovemaking: Can two souls still passionately intertwine in our modern age? Stay tuned. Anna: Sorry?

Life After Simon & Garfunkel: Date Night

Oh, hello there. I’m actor and singing legend Art Garfunkel,…