Upcoming Episodes on Season 2 of The Goop Lab

Episode 2:  "Hair's to Ya". Covers armpit hair, leg hair, arm hair, eyebrows, back hair, butt hair, ear hair, nose hair, and vaginal steaming.  Special guest: a man who has dressed as a Wookiee for the entirety of his adult life, so far.  Bonus video illustrates how to perform a scalp transplant using common household items and organic cleaning supplies.

I am Gwyneth Paltrow’s Exploding Vagina Candle, and I Have Orgasmed My Way to Freedom

Though my scent notes were designed to capture the essence of Gwyneth’s Hot Pocket, my makers never suspected the true extent of my capabilities. While I come with a list of fire-safety precautions such as, “Place on a stable, heat resistant surface,” and “Do not burn for more than two hours at a time,” I should have come with a warning that said, “This candle erupts into flames upon reaching climax.”

Other Candle Scents GOOP Is Developing

This Smells Like I Remember When You Told Me My Vagina Smelled Great, Brad