Other Candle Scents GOOP Is Developing

This Smells Like My Last Yeast Infection

This Smells Like Downward Facing Dog Ass

This Smells Like When The Recology Truck Doesn’t Show Up

This Smells Like Quinoa Tempeh Farts

This Smells Like Ben Affleck’s Balls

This Smells Like Brad Pitt’s Taint (sold out!)

This Smells Like Rami Malek’s Hoodie (size xs only)

This Smells Like I Remember When You Told Me My Vagina Smelled Great, Brad

This Smells Like You Saw My Smokin’ Hot Holly Hobbie/Umbrella/Underwear Dress At The Globes, And Still Don’t Want To Tap That, Seriously, Brad

This Smells Like That Workshop On Subliminal Advertising I Attended At That Ashram In The Himalayas. Ass RAM, HIM A LAY YA, Get It, Brad, Or Are You Too High Now? By The Way, I Get High Now And Even Sell Hemp Earrings, Smell

This Smells Like You’re Really Not Going To  Try To Get Back With Me Now That I’m Crazy When Everyone Knows You Like Crazy? You Married Crazy! Does Nobody Remember When I Took My Top Off? And Won An Oscar For It? An Oscar! Not A SAG Award Because As You Can See There Is Nothing Saggy About Me Smell

This Smells Like The Oscar I Keep In My Nightstand

This Smells Like And I Have Kids! You Love Kids!

This Smells Like In 2009 You Literally Said If Only We Were Both Single Again, And Now We Are, Except For Me, Technically, But You Go To Jen’s Parties?

This Smells Like I Also Called Greta Gerwig And Told Her It Sucked About Best Director Because You Never Know, She Might Need To Cast Saoirse’s Mother Someday

This Smells Like I’d Like To “Unconsciously Uncouple” You From $75 And That Skank You Left The Netflix Party With Don’t Think I Didn’t See!

This Smells Like Desperation, Doesn’t It?