Best Of 2021

Upcoming Episodes on Season 2 of The Goop Lab

Building on the worldwide acclaim of Season 1, Season 2 of The Goop Lab offers viewers six wonder-filled episodes of mind expanding joy.

Episode 1:  “Footsies”. Covers basic foot care, how to wear socks, heal scrubs, toe sucking and its relationship to aural energy, why athlete’s foot should not be considered an STI, itchy feet, and vaginal steaming.  Special guest: a podiatrist who looks like Quentin Tarantino – or is he actually Quentin Tarantino?  Tune in to find out.)  Bonus features include a discussion of Gwynnie’s one-step solution to human trafficking.

Episode 2:  “Hair’s to Ya”. Covers armpit hair, leg hair, arm hair, eyebrows, back hair, butt hair, ear hair, nose hair, and vaginal steaming.  Special guest: a man who has dressed as a Wookiee for the entirety of his adult life, so far.  Bonus video illustrates how to perform a scalp transplant using common household items and organic cleaning supplies.

Episode 3:  “Wait Watchers”. Covers the Zen-like ability to wait for things, including waiting in line, waiting for your order to be processed, waiting for a web page to load, waiting for your significant other to grow up, waiting for “the truth” to reemerge, and waiting for Godot.  Special guest: to be announced (i.e. wait for it).  In a touching bonus reel, Gwynnie recalls how she once visualized the solution for global hunger, but then forgot it during an intense aromatherapy session.

Episode 4:   “Happy Orifices”. Covers things you can stick in various orifices, including wood, stationery, cleansing aperitifs, onion powder, the US Constitution, herbs, and string.  Special guest: famous piercing artist BK Thompson, who will display his unique self-made orifices.  A bonus segment demonstrates that human flight may actually be possible and that our Earth-bound existence may be only a self-imposed mental state (caution: this episode contains graphic images of people who have fallen from great heights).

Episode 5: “Floored!”.  Covers eating things off the floor, freeganism, how to properly lay or lie on the floor, how to treat the floor as if it’s not below you, how to get up off the floor, and how to lean against a wall for support.  Special guests include all remaining living members of Pink Floyd.  Bonus features include how to properly welcome root vegetables into your daily meditation.

Episode 6: “Vaginal Steaming Defended”.  Covers how to enroll in the Affordable Care Act, how to dial 911, how to explain embarrassing things to others, how to ride a horse, and how to make bacon in the oven.  Special guest:  the Attorney General of the State of New York.  In an eye-opening bonus feature, Gwynnie explains why oysters do not actually exist.