Other Cuts Made to Netflix Originals

The disastrous live-action pilot for Bojack Horseman: After seeing how horrific the half-human characters would have looked in a more realistic setting, it is now evident why Netflix started their animation division. And more.

Hubris, Hamartia or HELL YEAH?

We’re all gathered at the Colosseum today to talk about the unsettling allegations against people in my position. And you know that position: dick out.

As a Father of a Son, I’m Very Concerned About Recent Events

When my son is middle aged, will his long record of sexual violence in high school and college come to light, momentarily jeopardizing his seat on the Supreme Court? The indignity!

Valentines for America's Most Beloved Sexual Predators

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching and so many winsome men…

Willie Wanking and the Chocolate Factory And 9 Other Examples Of Louis CK’s Favorite Things

Star Wars Character Hands Solo TV Show Masturbating…