Team Trump Online Memes Updates

Godzilla: Hey, when you think about destroying a corrupt town like Washington D.C., what comes to mind quicker than Godzilla?  Imagine Prez Trump’s head over Godzilla’s as he stomps through town screaming “MAGA” or “Sleepy Joe!” (depending on focus group feedback) and we can turn the fleeing populous into members of the Demon-cratic Party (pretty good, right? I just made that up now). I think we can use video from January 6th.  There’s a lot of footage there.

No, I’m Not Prepared To Tell You How I’d Like My Hair Cut

Can you fundamentally change my personality and overall lot in life with this haircut, Dave? Because if so, let’s do it.

Quiz: Pokémon or Cryptocurrency

Shiba Inu, Gordor, Tezos: Which is Pokémon OR Crypto?

Sorry I Reposted Your Work Without Attribution, But To Be Fair, I'm Also A Bank Robber

So you’ll be relieved to learn that my Instagram thievery is simply a side-hustle to my main gig as a full-on Jeremy Renner-in-The Town bank robber.


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