Team Trump Online Memes Updates

To: @Trump2024

Cc: @RudyColludy, @UberfuherMiller, @ThatMTG, @TwoShirtsBannon

We’re looking at the numbers on the “May the Fourth be with You” meme we shared on Twitter, er, I mean X, no, wait “Truth Social,” and they are insane!  People love seeing the President portrayed in a copyrighted fantasy setting!  Trump with a red lightsaber!  Lifetime ruler alert!

We’re working on a video follow-up: Picture the scene where Emperor Palpatine (now The Once-and-Only-President Trump) tells Luke (now Joe Biden) “It is of no concern. Soon the rebellion will be crushed.” Or something like that.  If that doesn’t make people want to join the Trump Empire, then nothing will!

So, with that in mind, we’ve been going through Wikipedia (not Wikileaks; LOL) to find more iconic and trademarked pop-culture characters we can infringe on.  It’s quite a list!  We hope they’ll be as big as our Trump-as-Thanos video from 2020 and our “Build the Wall”/GoT poster before that.  Here’s what we’re pitching…

Auric Goldfinger: this was a no brainer!  Who loves gold more than President 45?  Picture the scene where James Bond is tied to a table with a laser working its way up toward his groinal regions.  Only, in the clip, we’ll put Joe Biden’s face on Bond.  So when she says, “Do you expect me to talk?” and Goldfinger/Trump replies “No, I expect you to die!” Our supporters will go nuts.  Many clinically.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter: Style, wit, grace, intellect; who better displays these Trumpian characteristics than Dr. Lecter from “Silence of the Lambs”?  We all agree that we should use the scene where Lecter silences all the lambs, i.e., the braying Democrats.

Zombie from “Return of the Living Dead”: We can have Zombie Trump trying to eat the brains of the Joe Biden, but he keeps saying “These Democrats have no brains!” (If he hasn’t said it already, maybe work the phrase into his next rally) and “I’m still hungry!” (which we’re very sure is on file somewhere).


Jack Torrance: For context, this is Jack Nicholson in “The Shining.” Just imagine having President-ish Trump come busting through the door saying “Here’s MAGA!” while Hillary (or Joe Biden or Barrack or one of Trump’s judges) screams in terror?  That’s Trumpism in a nutshell, baby!

Lord Voldemort: What could be more dramatic and uplifting for the Republicans then the scene where Lord Donald finally strikes down his mortal enemy, Joe Potter, with the forbidden spell of “Avada Kedavra” which, we believe, is Latin for “Corrupt!”

Godzilla: Hey, when you think about destroying a corrupt town like Washington D.C., what comes to mind quicker than Godzilla?  Imagine Prez Trump’s head over Godzilla’s as he stomps through town screaming “MAGA” or “Sleepy Joe!” (depending on focus group feedback) and we can turn the fleeing populous into members of the Demon-cratic Party (pretty good, right? I just made that up now). I think we can use video from January 6th.  There’s a lot of footage there.

Gollum: Okay, he’s another gold-phile, but we can have the scene were Frodo is trying to throw the ring (say, the Constitution) into the flaming fires of Mount Doom and Gollum/Trump leaps out and rescues the ring, yelling: “My precious!  My precious,” which would totally be in character for Mr. Trump and his love of the Constitution.

Get back to me on any of these ideas.  Me and Lester are ready to put any one of them together!  And wait until you see the amazing fake Time covers we’re prepping!  And we’ll make sure we don’t send out this text as a tweet again!