Baby Babble Translations for New Moms

jah-cho-cho-cho = Look what I found in the cat litter box. yai-yai pokka da = Where’s your good sweater? Hurry, I have to puke. catzakup poodo = Soon enough I won’t need you, except to drive me places. And more!


High horse happy. Today's cartoon by Holly Todd.

CARTOON: World Wide Worst

Starts somewhere. Today's cartoon by Drew Panckeri.

How To Install An Outdoor Trampoline Basketball Hoop (Or Anything Else Requiring Assembly)

Step #1 - Read the instructions. Step #2 - Ask yourself why, in America, the instructions appear to be written in an Anglo-Frisian dialect from the 7th century AD. Step #3 - Look at the illustrations. Those have to be more helpful than the Old English of Step #2.

An Open Letter of Apology to My Future Self For Introducing Our Toddler to “Whoomp, There It Is” by Tag Team 

It won’t seem that bad the first dozen times you have Tag Team in full effect, kicking the flow with DC The Brain Supreme, and his man Steve Roll’n. We’re party people, right? We like to jump, jump rejoice, just like anyone else does. You might even think you imagined the potential harm that my decision could cause. But if I let you believe that, I’d be gaslighting you. The party is over here and it’s over there.