CARTOON: Puzzle Power

Rubix Rodents. Today's cartoon by Amanda Chung and Vincent Coca.

CARTOON: Quiet Riot

Hypothesis help! Today's cartoon by Vaughan Tomlinson.

We Aren’t Coddling Our Gen Z Students, but They Think Your Class Is Too Hard, so You’re Fired

The University takes the success of our students very seriously. Especially the success of students who grew up getting trophies for losing. Now, we’ve gotten word that many students are distressed over the difficulty of your Organic Chemistry course. So do you mind handing in your Faculty ID? We simply can’t have you failing students who don’t deserve to pass.

CARTOON: No Escape No Problem

A-maze-ing. Today's cartoon by Pardis Parker and Aria Ghalili.

CARTOON: Doom Boom

Use it or lose it. Today's cartoon by Peter Kuper.

A Female Acceptance Letter to an All Male Group Project

Think of this project like a pregnancy, where the girl does most of the work, but the guy swoops in at the end to get half the credit.

Talkward w/ guest Jeff Kreisler

Today on Talkward is author, comedy writer, behavior expert and…

36 More Questions To Fall in Love With Anyone

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That's The Laws of Planetary Motion (Ooh) – Johann Kepler (Feat. Drake) and 11 other Scientific American Music Award Winners

 I Wanna Be Your Salivating Dog - Ivan Pavlov (Feat. The Stooges) Nuthin’…

Scientists Bring Back Dodo From Extinction For The Fourth Time

“Scientist leading ‘de-extinction’ effort says Harvard…

NOTES TO EINSTEIN (Everything is Relative)

What if Einstein's theory of relativity got notes from TV execs,…