CARTOON: Thar She Blows

One for One? Today's cartoon by Jeff Hobbs.

Don't Separate Church & State! Sexy Religious Texts Conservative Senators Can Send Their Mistresses

Remind your lover that you’re an all around great guy/gal. So great, that you can be shared among many who are blessed with your presence and chemically-brightened smile.

Sexting Before Texting: PBS Explores The History of Erotic Communication

In the renaissance period, the European upper class would often commission nude portraits to be painted and hung in their master bedrooms. The process took a brisk two to four years to complete. Today, in a matter of moments after snapping a photo of your pale, awkward torso-to-thighs region, you can get a text from your great-grandmother saying, “I didn’t survive the Holocaust to see this”! Isn’t technology amazing?

Every Emoji Is a Dick Emoji

You've probably heard the old adage "the eggplant emoji is…

What Will it Take to Get Anthony Weiner to Stop Sexting?

There are only a few viable scenarios that appear likely:   His…