Every Emoji Is a Dick Emoji

You’ve probably heard the old adage “the eggplant emoji is actually a black dick emoji,” but did you know that every single emoji on the keyboard is actually a dick? Here are some you should know.

🍆 black dick


white dick


Latino dick


Asian dick


French and/or Italian dick


slippery dick


dick too into fleshlights


average dick


thick average dick


tiny dick


huge dick


long skinny dick


uncircumcised dick


curved dick


hairy dick


veiny dick


ashy dick


giant-headed dick


dick that’s been continually decreasing in performance quality


young dick


old dick


executive dick


art department dick


intern dick

lawyer dick


ACLU lawyer dick


construction worker dick


tourist dick


dick you saw peeing and wish you hadn’t because now you don’t really want to blow it


dick you want in your mouth


dick you don’t want in your mouth


dick currently in your mouth


dick that would be kinda funny to have in your mouth so why not, if it’s there and you’re drunk or whatever


dick you can’t believe was in your mouth


dick you’re putting in your mouth for money


dick you swear you’re totally not gonna put in your mouth anymore


missionary dick


quickie dick


dick you’re done with


dick you dream of but will never get


dick that’s always trying to go up your butt


dick that IS always going up your butt


dick you’re totally gonna hit up as soon as you stop being on your period


musician dick


fucking awesome dick


Beauty and the Beast dick


alt-right dick


Charlie Sheen’s dick


prematurely ejaculating dick


dick you should stay away from


dick that will cuddle you after


dick you can grow into something worthwhile