I’m Susan Collins and, By Golly, I’ve Been Duped Again!

Gosh darnit, I just feel like this kind of stuff keeps happening to me left and right! First it was the guy at Verizon who promised me my bill wouldn’t increase if I signed a two-year contract. Yet, here I am paying more and more money, month after month, and I can still only complete calls in my home’s unfinished attic! There’s so many spiders.

Senator Susan Collins Reacts to Other Sidewalk Chalk Art

I do not care for the look of this guy. What’s all the smirking about? Smells like trouble – and loitering in front of my property on top of that? I don’t think so. I want him erased. Or better yet, behind bars.

Bring Back the Real Heroes of the Pandemic, Our Dentists- A New Susan Collins Ad for Senate 2020

Let’s get our dentists back to work, so they can put their faces inches away from ours and their fingers inside our mouths to remove tartar, take X-rays, apply veneers, and provide Fluoride treatments. These brave souls don’t just fill our dental cavities, they fill the cavities of our lives.