Sedona's Bell Rock Energy Vortex Yelp Review: One Star

The only way to feel the electricity in this sacred electromagnetic hotspot is to bathe in the red dirt. But I couldn't feel anything with elderly tourists watching. They kept yelling "please stop" and "is she ok?" as I stripped to my birthday suit. I heard one woman smack her husband. Following Reddit's advice, I rubbed the sacred soil into every crevice of my face, thighs, and buttocks.... And nada!

The Online Reviews I’m Endlessly Scrolling to Find

Finally: The Most Comfortable Pants In The World That No One Will Say Look Comfortable: I’ve worn these outside the house at least twenty different times and not one person (knock on wood) has said, “I like your pants, they look super comfortable.” Instead, they just say the first part of that sentence and then stop. I am amazed!

Woman's Yelp Profile: Sushi, Refrigerators, and Murder

Took out a policy on my husband. Quick and easy. They never needed to even meet him; they let me gather the signatures on my own. Didn’t ask why the accidental death premium was so high. Their discretion was greatly appreciated.

5 Honest Yelp Reviews About the New Cannabis Cafe in Town

*4 out of 5 stars* Great selection, pleasant atmosphere, and knowledgeable waitstaff. My one complaint: They really need to streamline the payment process. It was unclear to me whether I needed to pay with a card, pay with cash, or whether I had already paid hours ago and the staff was glaring at me, waiting for me to leave. - Daniel M.

Yelp Reviews of The Last Supper

Categories: Mediterranean Locations: Jerusalem Attire: Casual Good…

Bistro Bistro Is Fully Booked

The first thing to know about Bistro Bistro is that no one answers…