Things Everybody is Tired of Hearing a Skeleton Say

“I am made of bones.”

“I took an online quiz to see which Bones character I am and I got ‘All of them.'”

“Boner alert!”

“Ouch, my bones!”

“Leave me alone, dogs!”

“Is my skull showing?”

“I’m not smiling. I just don’t have any skin or flesh to conceal my jaw.”

“Does this femur make me look fat?”

“Who needs ice cream cones when you’ve got ice cream bones. Right? Because I am comprised entirely of bones.”

“I just don’t relate to Billy Idol’s ‘Flesh for Fantasy’ the way I used to.”

“Even if I’m in the friend zone, I’m still in the bone zone, know what I mean? I am a skeleton, you guys.”

“Yes, I do live in a haunted house.”

“No, not all skeletons know each other.”

“I’m gonna rattle these bones if somebody gives me another one of those vodkas that comes in a crystal skull.”

“The second-best Indiana Jones movie is Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Come at me, if you dare. Which you won’t. Because I’m a spooky skeleton.”

“I have 208 bones.”

“Have you met my friend Bones? He’s a skeleton and he lives inside of your body.”