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Unwanted Virtual Reality “Brand Experiences”

 The FedEx Immersive Apartment Feel like you’re actually there as a FedEx delivery person knocks on your door and has you sign for a package. Snickers You’re Not You When You’re Hungry VR Experience Wait in a line for 8 hours for no clear reason as a guy named Fred from Phoenix. The Got Milk? […]


The Westminster Human Show 2047

Welcome to the premier showcase of humanity, transmitted across the universe to an audience of human-loving members of the interplanetary preservation society. As the robotic trainers walk out their Homo sapiens for the Best in Show session, keep the following characteristics in mind for any breed you’d like to have as your very own human […]


Answer Sheet For The Exam Of Kanye’s God-Level Sommelier

Any deviation from these exact answers during the blind tasting exam will disqualify potential candidates, revealing them to be mere Master Sommeliers or less, and lacking the almighty abilities required for the position of Kanye’s God-Level Sommelier.   Wine 1 SIGHT: Close your eyes and let the word paint a thousand pictures. NOSE: A medium plus intensity […]