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The Stars of the 2016 Election: Where Are They Now?

If you remember back to what seems like 10 years ago, there were a lot of candidates in the 2016 election. No, really remember back, there were a LOT of candidates. Like, take a guess how many candidates there were just in the Republican party. What do you think? 8 candidates? Maybe 10? That’s surely […]


VIDEO: Drama at the Office

How do you tell someone you have literally no desire to see what they’ve been working on – but, like, in a nice way?


“Alexa, Self-Destruct” And Other Ways To Delete What Alexa Records You Saying

With the recent news that Amazon’s Alexa device saves recordings of its owners talking, the Amazon community is up in arms. People everywhere are furious that the device they talk to is listening to them.  We have to give it to Amazon, they were quick to respond with numerous super easy ways to stop Alexa […]